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Watch: Organised sport will not reopen on April 26 – Superintendent for Health

Superintendent for Health Charmaine Gauci announced on Friday that organised sport will not be included among the next measures of gradual reopening on April 26.

Organised sport is currently banned among measures kept by the government and the health authorities to fight rise in cases of COVID-19 in Malta.

The decision to keep organised sport banned  was met by dismay from various local governing bodies of sport but any hope they had that any hope they had that training or competitions after April 26 could resume have now all but been put to bed by Gauci.

“As Public Health we always promote physical activity but in the current scenario, organised sport, both contact and non-contact were classified according to our risk assessment,” Gauci said.

“According to our risk assessment it clearly showed that it cannot reopen organised sport on April 26 as it was of a far bigger risk than to open non-essential shops and services.

“If you look at the COVID-19 cases related to sport, one finds that at the moment we didn’t have any cases but when we had the schools open and had children attending sports activities they were being contracted with the virus and then go to schools.

 “Therefore we are doing it with responsibility. We know that everything is important and we move forward according to the evidence we have and scientific findings.”



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