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Center for Sport Excellence partners with World Pro Racing

To collaborate on education, training, and value events

The Center for Sport Excellence (CSE) and World Pro Racing (WPR) have signed a collaboration agreement that seeks to build the necessary human capital required for the fascinating world of Esport.

Justin Mifsud, CEO of WPR, described this agreement as “a visionary initiative that will raise the level of our drivers and community to world-class level”. This was also echoed by Adrian Figallo, CFO of WPR, who remarked that “through this agreement, we have partnered with Martin Borg in order to synergise our collective experience and expertise at a national and international level”.

As a founder of CSE, Martin Borg explained the CSE is evolving into an international ecosystem for sport excellence in Malta. #

“Through this agreement, and specifically within the field of Esports, education, and training will be structured coherently into 3 modalities, namely Minibites provision (Microlearning), Formal qualifications and International Masterclasses”.

In addition, CSE and WPR will be collaborating to design, develop and implement quality projects together with national and international partners.

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