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Maltese Hillclimb drivers impress in Erice race

Five Maltese Hillclimb drivers competed in Erice Hillclimb in Sicily last weekend.

James Dunford, on Norma M20F, competed in GROUP CN 2000cc, Darren Camilleri (Tatuus Honda) raced in group E2SS 2000cc, Didier Bugeja (Peugeot 106) was in action in group E1 1600cc, Edward Calleja (Lotus Elise Honda) competed in Group E2SH over 3000cc and David Grech (Ford escort MK2) was in group E1 1400cc.

Didier Bugeja finished in third place in his class and eighth in the E1 group, beating his own time two years ago with a staggering 2.5 seconds.

Darren Camilleri ended the day first in class and 15th overall.

A great comeback for Daren Camilleri after a couple of weeks ago, it was reported that he had an engine failure in Morano. However, Camilleri built a completely new engine in a short time to compete and win in Erice.

David Grech on his Ford escort MK2 finished third in group E1 1400cc.

Grech covered the track in 4minutes and 4 seconds and that is a fabulous 18 seconds faster than his last attempt. This was possible due to upgrades in overall performance including both engine and chassis.

Edward Calleja on his newly set up Lotus Elise S2 Honda also finished third in his Group E2SH over 3000cc, Calleja covered the track in 3minutes 51 seconds.

James Dunford also did well and was happy with his performance and had a great time in Erice.

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