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CoachEd6 represented at the 13th Global Coach Conference in Lisbon

Dr Renzo Kerr Cumbo, was invited by the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) to give a presentation during the 13th Global Coach Conference in Lisbon this November.

Organised by the ICCE, the Global Coach Conference was hosted by Treinadores Portugal (Coaching Portugal) at the University of Lisbon between November 17 and 21.

With around 900 participants, the conference included speakers like Dr Julian North (Leeds Beckett University), Frank Ludolph (UEFA), Portuguese Futsal national team coach Jorge Braz and CoachKids coordinator Dr Sergio Lara Bercial, amongst many others. 

During one of the Parallel Sessions, Dr Kerr Cumbo followed Dr Sergio Lara Bercial who presented the current status and future avenues of the ICCE International Coaching Degree Standards.

Dr Kerr Cumbo shared the aims and objectives of CoachEd6, an Erasmus+ co-funded project he is leading.

During his presentation, Dr Kerr Cumbo explained how the project partners, namely The University of Southern Denmark, Mugla Sitki Kocman University in Turkey and Reykjavik University in Iceland, have been working hand in hand with the ICCE to assure quality in the development of the four units comprising the project’s current main focus – an Award in Sports Coaching (EQF 6; 24 ECTS). 

Dr Kerr Cumbo also emphasised the important role the ICCE has in supporting academics in the participating institutions, in their delivery and assessment of the units, learning materials and experiences of coaches enrolled in the Award programme.

Finally, Dr Kerr Cumbo expressed his delight in the expression of interest by at least two of the project partners, in eventually developing a full Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Coaching.

“This would be the ultimate success measure of CoachEd6, if at minimum one degree in sports coaching materialises in one of the partnering higher education institutions,” Dr Kerr Cumbo said.

“It would be surely important for the ICCE and their Coaching Degree Standards, to be involved in that process, should any of the partners start developing the potential degree.”

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