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COVID-19 vaccination becomes mandatory for Italian athletes as from January 10

Italy’s professional athletes will not be exempt from the new rules imposed by the Italian government on COVID-19 vaccines, which will effectively become mandatory as from January 10.

So far, the Green Pass has been used, an EU-backed electronic certificate confirming vaccination status, recent recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test posted within 48 hours.

However, with the Omicron variant fuelling a new coronavirus wave throughout the world, restrictions have to be tightened.

The Italian Government has drawn up new rules to go into action from January 10, 2022.

This includes the use of the Super Green Pass, meaning only vaccination status or recent recovery from COVID-19 is acceptable.

A negative test will no longer be enough when entering stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, locker rooms or any other sporting structure that is under a roof.

According to the FAQ discovered by La Gazzetta dello Sport, there is no exemption for professional athletes.

That is effectively an obligation for players to receive the vaccine, unless they have recently recovered from COVID-19.

This shouldn’t make too much of a difference in Italy, seeing as the Lega Serie A reported 98 per cent of its players were vaccinated in October.

Many of them do require booster shots by this time, though.

In comparison, only 68 per cent of English Premier League players were vaccinated in October, rising to just 77 per cent this month.

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