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Kumitat Regatta Birgu appeal to Prime Minister as works near club premises leave much to be desired

Works on Vittoriosa club premises yet to start

The Kumitat Regatta Birgu have asked the intervention of Prime Minister Robert Abela following delays in the project of Port Sally that is hampering the club’s operations in Vittoriosa.

The club said that last April, the Port Sally Project was announced by the authorities and part of this project effects directly the club’s operations as their store is situated there.

“One of the items of the project is the slipway from where we can take down our boats,” the letter said.

“Today, ten months after, the slipway is in a very disastrous state and we cannot use it. We need to start training for the March regatta. The works carried out were very poor and even officials from Infrastructure Malta who inspected the works told us to make pressure to the authorites as the work carried out was not up to standard.

“When we approached the responsible architecht and told him that we were not happy with the situation and that we would speak to the authorities he told us that we could speak to ‘every god that existed’.

“When he realised that he made a mistake in how he responded he informed us that he didn’t know that we would use the slipway and that workers would put concrete on the slipway.

“I think that it’s clear that since last April we would need to use the slipway and the solution is not only to put concrete but also the other work that was done very poorly.”

The Kumitat Regatta Birgu said that another problem they have is that after they were promised to have their premises, works have yet to start.

“We have been promised that we would have new stores and the works would have been carried out by the Public Works,” the club said.

“After all paperworks were approved years ago, works never started. The new committee tried to make some pressure and after many promises, in November Stephen Bonello told us that the tender of works will be given and that construction would start in January.

“We asked that before the works would start we would be informed so that we can find an alternative place from where to operate. So far we have sent three emails as a reminder to be given information on when the  works will start so that we could move to another place.

“So far, we have not received any response.

“It’s important that you understand that we have been waiting to have new stores for many years in the hope that it’s our turn after all administrations failed to keep their promise. Every club were given assistance and new premises apart from us.

“We hope that you take some action as this is a very important issue for us.”

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