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Formula 1 driver records that could be broken in 2022

Legendary F1 7-time World Champion Michael Schumacher once claimed “I always thought records are there to be broken” – and ever since the first F1 race in 1950, drivers have gone on to set records, and see their own records broken with future generations setting the bar higher and higher for others to reach.

Keeping that in mind, which Formula 1 records could be broken during the upcoming World Championship season?

Most World Championships

In 2020, Lewis Hamilton won his 7th World Championship to equal Michael Schumacher’s record. In 2021, he came very close to winning the World Championship, but in controversial circumstances, he ultimately fell short in the final race, and it was Max Verstappen who won his first F1 World Championship, becoming the 34th different driver to do so.

If Hamilton were to win the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship, he would claim a remarkable 8th title and become only the fourth driver to break this prestigious record. Can he bounce back from last season’s disappointment, and do it? If Mercedes provide with him a competitive car he surely can.

Most pole positions at the same GP

Currently, Hamilton holds this record together with Michael Schumacher and legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna.

Senna took 8 pole positions at the San Marino GP, which turned out to be his last as he tragically lost his life in the same race. Schumacher managed to take 8 pole positions at the Japanese GP, while Hamilton boasts 8 pole positions at the Australian and Hungarian GPs; should he take pole position at one or both of these races this year he would break this record. 

Most race starts until a driver’s first pole position

This record is currently held by Mark Webber, who took his first ever pole position on his 130th start; Carlos Sainz and Sergio Perez have started more than 130 and are still without a single pole position.

In fact, Perez currently boasts the unwanted distinction of most race starts without a pole position (213). Sainz and Perez could break this record in the coming season by taking a pole position; in the case of Perez, he would of course relieve himself of the record of most race starts without a pole position – which record would then pass on to Romain Grosjean who never achieved pole position in his 179 starts.     

Most consecutive GPs between one pole position and the next

Kimi Räikkönen currently holds this record, with 168 races taking place between his pole in the 2008 French GP and his next in the 2017 Monaco GP.

Fernando Alonso has not started a race on pole position since the 2012 German GP, and a total of 189 races have since taken place; he could therefore break this record this season, although this is unlikely given Alpine’s poor record.

Most seasons (and most consecutive seasons) with at least one win for a driver

Lewis Hamilton has won at least one race every single year from 2007 right until 2021 for an impressive 15 seasons. He currently shares this record with Michael Schumacher, who won at least one race every year between 1992 and 2006.

If Hamilton therefore were to win at least one race during 2022, he would break this record and, in the process, would break the record for most consecutive seasons with at least one win.

Given Mercedes’ form in the past 10 years, one would reasonably expect Hamilton to do so and also extend his record of being the only F1 driver to have won at least one race in every single season he has competed in.

Most wins at the same GP

Schumacher holds this record having won the French GP 8 times; he shares this record with Hamilton, who has won both the British and Hungarian GP 8 times.

A win by Hamilton in either or both of these GP in 2022 would see him setting a 9-win record, so keep an eye out on these two races during the month of July.

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