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Red Bull fix fuel ‘vacuum’ that halted them in Bahrain

Red Bull team consultant Helmut Marko has declared his team will be ‘fighting for victory’ in Sunday’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix after diagnosing the cause of their fuel problems.

The team suffered a double ‘did not finish’ in Bahrain last Sunday after their cars suffered fuel loss in the closing laps.

Marko explained that the problem was caused by a ‘vacuum’ in the fuel system of the ‘new era’ ground effect cars, halting  both world champion Max Verstappen and team-mate Sergio Perez.

Marko contradicted suggestions that they had run out of fuel because they were not filled up sufficiently to complete the race distance.

Marko told F1 Insider that the problem will be solved this weekend.

“Put simply, a vacuum in system caused the engine to run out of fuel. I think we can solve the problem this weekend,” he said.

“Without giving exact figures, there was still enough petrol in the tank of both cars. Basically we were fast enough. We were just not able to show our potential. We will be back this time at full speed and fighting for victory.”


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