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Watch: El Diablo record double of victories at Voomquest Championship

The weather on Saturday morning enabled the Voomquest Enemed UIM V2 World Championship Race Control team to add an extra V2 race to make up for the day before’s cancellation.

Five boats took part in the 12-lap race which saw Interceptor Remax take the lead only to be overtaken by El Diablo (Clive Butler/Sammy Grima)  just after the first few rounds. 

For the most part of the race, El Diablo kept increasing the gap between him and Interceptor Remax and GP1 winner Freccia Blu (Beppe Debono/Dustin Mifsud).

At one point Freccia Blu overtook Interceptor Remax (Michael Xuereb/Sam Howse) and places kept changing between the two until technical issues with Freccia Blu’s boat caused them to slow down considerably. 

As was predicted from the start of the race,  the chequered flag for the morning went El Diablo.

They were followed by Interceptor Remax and Freccia Blu, who despite having had to slow down managed a third place.

The second race took place in the afternoon with a similar start with Interceptor Remax taking the lead only to be overtaken by El Diablo in the middle of the first lap.

They were followed, in third place, by Cutting Edge (Michael Abela/Steve Bezzina), whose performance on Saturday definitely made up for the disappointing sortie they had in the first Grand Prix this year due to several technical issues.

As the chequered flag was flown to signal the winner, it was once again El Diablo who took the win again. 

The final races for the second Grand Prix will take place on Sunday. Official testing starts at 1030am whilst racing will start at 2pms. Events can be viewed from the Sliema Seafront

The Voomquest Enemed UIM V2 World Championships are sponsored by Enemed and supported by Yachting Malta Ltd., Chaudron Powerboats, P&C Cauchi Demolition, Visit Malta, Preluna Skyroom, Premium Power Sport and the Senglea Local Council.

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