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Watch: Formula 2 driver Roy Nissany narrowly avoids death in terrifying crash at British GP

The halo was receiving well-deserved praised after saving the life of a Formula 2 driver on Sunday at the British Grand Prix.

Roy Nissany can count his lucky stars after ending up underneath an opponents’ car following a second lap tussle at Silverstone.

Nissany ran wide on a turn before entering the track just in front of Prema’s Dennis Hauger, but as Hauger shifted inside to overtake Nissany shifted to the left forcing contact between the pair.

The collision forced Hauger off the track with a right tyre puncture that left his car skidding towards the next turn, unable to bring it under control or slow down.

As Hauger hit the corner, the sausage kerb launched his car off the ground and saw him skate across the front of Nissany’s car.

If not for the halo being on the car, tributes would be flowing for the 28-year-old. Instead, both drivers walked away from the terrifying accident.

As the replays rolled, the commentators were thankful both drivers were unharmed.


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