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San Giljan women team aiming for international level ahead of KO final

San Giljan ASC captain Stephanie Tanti Desjardin receives a toke from OZO Group CEO Fabio Muscat. Photo: San Giljan ASC

In a series of waterpolo Knock-out finals this week, San Giljan will be contenders for the trophy in both the men’s and women’s game. The club’s women’s team faces Sliema on Wednesday (18.00) and club committee member in charge of the academy and women’s team Brian Schembri believes this is paves the way for more inclusion and competitiveness.

“The team’s goal is to continue to be competitive, and to be the best team in Malta,” Schembri said.

“Apart from that, I want the club to continue to be inclusive while continuing to encourage more girls to approach the game of waterpolo.”

Team coach Gordan Zammit went a step further to say that the aim was to reach international levels.

“This sport requires a lot of funds and I am happy to coach a team with the aim of the players reaching international levels,” Zammit said.

The San Ġiljan Ozo Group ASC coach said that he is very happy with the commitment of his players, who will do everything to win this final, although he stated that the team, has bigger plans for the future.

San Giljan ASC captain Stephanie Tanti Desjardin speaks to a press conference ahead of the KO final. Photo: San Giljan ASC

Club captain Stephanie Tanti Desjardin echoed all this, saying that the aim is to encourage other girls to start playing.

“The level of the sport is rising and more girls are playing waterpolo,” Tanti Desjardin said, “The motivation of the team is not only to win but to encourage more children to approach this sport.

“The team is working hard but we know that the game can go either way and that it will be a difficult one in particular due to the fact that the team trains in seawater and we will play a final in the national swimming pool in Tal-Qroqq.”

Main sponsor Ozo Group CEO Fabio Muscat was present at the pre-match press conference.

“All the employees of Ozo Group are proud of this sponsorship because it serves as an opportunity to give added value to the community,” Muscat explained.

“It is an honor for the company to be associated with a club which, as we are seeing this season, continued to show great potential.”

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