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Melita FC embark on a partnership agreement with Universita del Calcio

Melita FC president Andrew Naudi (centre) with Universita del Calcio representatitves Giorgio Abeni (right) and Maurizio Catalani. Photo: Jonathan Borg

Melita FC have embarked on an interesting project with Universita del Calcio with the aim of boosting the development of the football club holistically.

Andrew Naudi, president of Melita FC, told a news conference yesterday that the Challenge League club’s goal has always been to improve all their teams from all aspects of the Beautiful Game, including technical, tactical, physical and mental, and to achieve that they have teamed up with Universita del Calcio on a partnership agreement.

“The holistic development of our football teams has always been at the heart of our agenda,” Naudi said.

“It has always been our ambition to help our players from all age groups to improve not only from a technical point of view but also from a physical, mental and tactical aspect. To achieve that we need to give our coaches the right tools to be able to maximise the talent of our young players with the aim of providing our senior team with the players so that they can compete at the top level in Maltese football.

“To this aim, we have entered in a partnership agreement with Universita del Calcio who will help us to develop our coaches. In fact, the Universita del Calcio will send some of their students to Melita FC for an internship at Melita FC while also providing the services of match analysis for our coaches which will help them further develop our teams at all age groups.

“Added to that, through this partnership we will also have the opportunity to send our coaches to the Universita del Calcio where they will be able to attend their courses.”

The Melita FC president also said that through this agreement the club will also benefit to join the international scouting platform of Soccer Global Group, which boasts more than 100 scouts.

“Being able to benefit from such an established scouting platform we will not only be able to export our talent abroad, but also find talent that can play for Melita FC,” Naudi added.

On his part, Giorgio Abeni said that Universita del Calcio were very happy to embark on this initiative with Melita FC.

“Football talent can be found not only in places like Spain, Italy or Argentina but also in small countries like Malta,” Abeni said.

“If a football club is to succeed they need a clear strategic plan, a good scouting system as well as a good coaching set up. This is why we are embarking on this project with Melita FC as we believe that with our expertise we can not only improve the level of coaches at this club but also help them to grow from other important aspects of the game, such as match analysis as well as scouting.”

Maurizio Catalani, the Universita del Calcio founder, said that he is looking forward to work with Melita FC and had no doubt that this project can provide great satisfaction for both parties.

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