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Fiorentina demand UEFA act after Biraghi injury against West Ham

Fiorentina on Thursday demanded tough action from UEFA after their captain Cristiano Biraghi was struck in the head by an object thrown by West Ham fans during the Europa Conference League final in Prague.

“Fiorentina strongly condemn what happened to their captain,” the Italian club said in a statement. 

“Despite suffering a deep wound to his head requiring eight stitches, (Biraghi) continued to play on.

“This unacceptable behaviour obviously affected the performance of the footballer and his team-mates, who had their attention drawn away from footballing matters by the threats to their own safety. 

“The club is certain that UEFA will thoroughly evaluate the incident and duly punish those responsible for this act, delivering an appropriate response and setting an example so that such situations never occur again.”

Biraghi was hit in the back of the head by plastic cups thrown by West Ham fans after half an hour of play as he prepared to take a corner in Wednesday’s match the English club won 2-1.

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