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Valletta Malta show their prowess after KVT Komodor rout in LEN Challenger Cup

Valletta Malta proved too strong for KVT Komodor on Thursday. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli



(6-1, 5-1, 4-0, 6-1)

What was planned to be a reality check for Malta’s national team, participating in the LEN Challenger Cup under the name of Valletta WPC, turned out to be a confidence-boosting exercise on Thursday.

Victory for Valletta Malta over Komodor was very much on the cards on Thursday. Indeed, the Maltese delivered as they plundered their way past their hapless opponents to reach a landmark 21 goals.

Milan Cirovic is utilising this tournament to gauge the team’s potential in preparation for the forthcoming commitments, that is next year’s European Water Polo Championships.

Despite the intensifying state of affairs between Israel and Palestine, so far the games are still scheduled to take place in Netanya from January 3 to January 16.

The European Aquatics had said that it will be closely monitoring the situation and its potential impact and explore all options before making decisions on the hosting of the competition.

Meanwhile, it was more of a casual training session for Jake Tanti and his clan yesterday with the hapless team from Bulgaria, conceding goals at regular intervals and rarely posing any menace for San Ġiljan’s custodian.

The Maltese started well, taking a 6-1 first session lead which was extended to 11-2 before ends were changed. The Maltese players pounced on almost every opportunity to thrust forward on the counter. They opened a 13-goal gap on 15-2 by the end of the third quarter.

For statistical purposes, eight players inserted their names in the scorers’ list with Alec Fenech topping the list with five goals.

Cirovic is certainly under no illusion that the upcoming games will follow the same pattern. Certainly, the Lithuanian side  Evk Zaibas are no pushovers as in the early match they beat Cetus Espoo, of Finland, 22-8.

The Lithuanians meet Valletta Malta in the day’s final match on Friday.

VALLETTA: J. Tanti, D. Bugeja, L. Galea 2, M. Castillo 2, S. Gialanze 3, B. Cachia, A. Fenech 5, J. Bonavia, J. Abela 2, N. Zammit 2, D. Zammit 2, N. Bugelli 3, N. Grixti.

KVT KOMODOR: M. Dimitrov, G. Surchaliev, B. Vuchkov, K. Manasiev, V. Ganchev 1, P. Pelov, A. Kamenov, D. Totev, K. Uzunov 1, M. Ivanov 1, B. Trayanov, K. Manasiev, T. Semikov.

Refs: Luis Alves (Portugal), Filippou Polydoros (Cyprus).




(5-3, 6-1, 7-1, 4-3)

EVK ZAIBAS: S. Motuzas, D. Vitkauskas 3, V. Voitenko 1, J. Gostautas 2, R. Jakutis 1, M. Jelaca 2, A. Jonkus 2, I. Prekogacic 2, D. Gervickas 2, L. Bosic 1, L. Andrejaitis 2, J. Bakulo 4, K. Csoma.

CESTUS: N. Koskela, L. Jovanovic 1, O. Oskari 2, M. Pipatti, S. Barany 2, J. Rinta-Jouppi, A. Hajdu, J. Ryhanen 1, K. Johansson, C. Vang 1, T. Silander, P. Aalto 1, E. Montesastre.

Refs: Rok Vehovec (Slovenia), Peter Radic (Slovakia).

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