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Maltese runner Niki Micallef sets new men’s Backyard Ultramarathon national record

Micallef ran a staggering 321.9km over two days in Tennessee, United States

Ultramarathon runner Niki Micallef completed a fantastic two-day endurance race in the United States to set a new record of 321.9km (200 miles).

The backyard ultra format is a last person standing challenge with a 6.7km run – known as a yard – beginning at the top of the hour, every hour.

If an athlete manages to complete a single yard inside 60 minutes, they get to run again whereas those who complete a yard beyond an hour they will be eliminated from the race.

Micallef managed to complete 42 yards, shattering Malta’s record of 30 set previously by Mark Bezzina.

The Maltese runner is currently listed seventh in the world rankings with leader Nicolas Conteipas of France at the top with 63 yards.

Malta will host one of the Backyard meets with international athletes, together with Malta’s Micallef, set to run at Zonqor Point on December 9.

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