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CORSA launches four new races for 2024 road running calendar

From left: Darren Fenech, Dillon Cassar, CORSA race director Francesca Scerri and Andrew Grech.

CORSA launched four new races for the road running calendar for 2024 this week.

Fastest5, Beat Your PB designed by Dillon, Beat Your PB designed by Andrew, and Beat Your PB designed by Andrew and Dillon, will further enhance the local athletics’ road running calendar for 2024.

These races are a sponsorship and merger with another prominent local race organiser who specialises in plotting out the Fastest events in the local race calendar, Darren Fenech.


Darren ‘Vandit’ Fenech, is the race director of the Fastest21 and Fastest10, and together with CORSA shall be introducing the ‘FASTEST 5’ (Sunrise Edition) to be held on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

‘Vandit’ is known to the athletics society as the voice for the running community and has been managing his Facebook page ‘Running Malta’ for over 11 years since 2012.

Darren Fenech poses with Francesca Scerri.

Fenech proudly boasts a personal best half marathon time of 1:16:40, done in the Malta Marathon back in 2015.

Besides still being an active runner, he is now a qualified coach and his own pool of athletes whom he inspires to excel in their respective disciplines. He has been the Fastest race event’s organizer since 2017.

The link to his events is www.facebook.com/thefastestevents

Dillon Cassar celebrates after winning a bronze medal at the 2023 GSSE.

BEAT YOUR PB designed by Dillon

Dillon Cassar is known as the fastest road runner in Malta, and all his record-breaking achievements have been achieved while still being at the tender age of 26.

Coached by another former prominent athlete, his father Rodney, and the son of an avid runner Rosita one might immediately come to understand where he might have inherited his speedy feet from.

Now Cassar, together with Corsa, is the proud designer of this new very fast race, which is after all his daily training routine.

Cassar knows it is fast because it is his daily morning route so to all those participating here it shall be all about running in his footpaths.

Francesca Scerri with Dillon Cassar.

Cassar has a personal best half marathon time of 1:06:07 he set in Copenhagen, a best 5km race of 14:34, and aims to break his personal best in his own ten-kilometre distance on his own route in his hometown which will be an AIMS affiliated 10km race.

His personal best time on a 10K route is a mind-blowing 30:16, practically running a full ten kilometres, at a steady pace of three minutes and one second.

The name ‘Beat your PB’ is the concept of why this race series was designed to challenge avid runners, who train day in and day out to improve their own Personal Best Race times.

The race begins near ‘Mamma Mia’ in Ta Xbiex and runs along ‘The Strand’ towards Sliema and ends in Msida by the Parish Church.

This race has a trivial 12 metres elevation and is along the famous La Valette Marathon coastal route.

10K Race route link: https://www.strava.com/routes/3124696039269081306

5K Race route link: https://www.strava.com/routes/3150830329918671116

All relevant information for this race which will be held on March 10, 2024, shall be uploaded on the CORSA website – www.corsa.mt – in the coming weeks.

Map showing race course of Beat Your PB signed by Dillon.

Beat Your PB designed by Andrew

One of the most prominent athletes skimming along Malta’s roads is none other than Andrew Grech, the fastest policeman in Malta and probably Europe.

Andrew, like the finest of Bordeaux wines, is still cracking records in Malta and abroad notwithstanding the fact that he is a stealthy 45-year-old.

Grech began his sporting career playing football. But since he swapped from team sports to individual running, he has excelled in many races, be it on track or road running events.

His best achievement is a full marathon personal best in the famous ‘Kipchoge’ Berlin full marathon in 2:32:30 held in 2019.

Andrew Grech (centre) with the CORSA team formed by (from left) Mark Stafrace, Francesca Scerri, Michela Pace and Matthew Pace.

Grech has a personal best 10km race time of 31:52 and is very focused on breaking this time in a race of his own design beginning from Rabat/Buskett area and ending in Valley Road –Msida, having a heavy negative altitude of 212 metres.

Race route: https://www.strava.com/routes/3150789902045167554

Beat Your PB designed by Andrew will be held on Sunday, October 6, 2024. All those interested can send an email to contact@corsa.mt or visit our website www.corsa.mt.

BEAT YOUR PB designed by Dillon & Andrew

On June 7, Dillon Cassar and Andrew Grech shall be also challenging their own 5km distance PB’s on a new route.

This race shall be replicating the 10km distance that will be staged on March 10, 2024, but will be held on one single loop.

Elevation for this five-kilometre race is a mere five metres.

Malta’s long-distance runner Andrew Grech.

The La Valette Malta Marathon will be held on Sunday, March 24, 2024. All those interested in booking for the upcoming third edition of the ‘La Valette Marathon’ can visit the website www.lavalettemarathon.com and take a quick glimpse of the newly drafted ‘Full Marathon route’ which begins at the far north in Manikata, and runs along 42kms of Mediterranean coastline on the left and through 7,000 years of history on the right.

By clicking on the ‘fly-thru’ option, one will get an aerial view of the new route and unique Marathon distance.

Race link: https://www.strava.com/routes/3150830329918671116

One may also visit the CORSA Facebook page or phone at +35679979999.

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