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Aaron Busuttil and Alex Borg compete at World Snooker Championships in Albania

Aaron Busuttil (left) and Alex Borg will compete at the world snooker championships.

Aaron Busuttil and Alex Borg will be representing Malta at the World Amateur Snooker Championships that get under way in Golem, Albania, on Saturday.

These championships are being organised by the World Snooker Federation and is being played in an open format.

Two hundred and ten players from 38 countries will be competing in the tournament, with the biggest contingent coming from England with 61 players.

The opening phase will see the players split into 43 groups with Aaron Busuttil placed in Group A while Alex Borg will be playing in Group C, which are both made up of five players.

Busuttil, the Malta champion, will open his commitments against Thailand’s Nattanapong Chaikul while Alex Borg will be up against Irish player Sean King. All group matches will be played on the best-of-five format.

On Sunday, Alex Borg will be up against Romanian player Cristian Surdea before completing his group commitments when facing Fatosh Dervishaj, of Albania, and Connor Benzey, of England.

On the other hand, Busuttil will continue his group commitments on Monday when he takes on Belgium’s Pechenart Olivier, Ross Chae, of England, and Awais Muhawwad, of Pakistan.

The top two players from each group will reach the knock out phase that will get under way on Sunday, February 11.

The winner of the WSF world championship will win the right to participate in the World Snooker professional tour for the next two seasons.

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