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Canada and Russia appeal 2022 Olympic team skating podium

The fallout from Kamila Valieva’s doping ban continued Monday as the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said Canada and Russia had separately appealed the reallocation of 2022 Olympic team figure skating medals.

Valieva led Russia to gold in the team event in Beijing, but in January received a four-year ban from CAS for a positive test before the Games. After that ruling, the International Skating Union (ISU) performed “a re-ranking of the Team event” for the Beijing Games.

The USA were promoted to gold with Japan moving up to silver and Russia dropping to bronze.  

ISU regulations only provide for collective disqualification in the event of a positive doping control of one of the athletes during the competition, not one from eight weeks before as was the case with Valieva. Excluding her scores left Russia with the bronze medal and Canada in fourth.

The eight members of the Canadian team, supported by their national federation, say they disagree with the ISU’s calculations and argue they should have totalled one more point than the Russians and been awarded bronze.

The Russians have launched three separate appeals: from the national Olympic committee, the national skating federation and from their six skaters, including Valieva.

All three appeals ask for Russia to be reinstated as gold medallists.

“All four CAS arbitration procedures have just commenced,” said CAS in a statement. “Given the early stage of the proceedings, no indication can be given as to when a hearing may take place, if any.”

The medals were not awarded in Beijing because of the doubts surrounding Valieva. The International Olympic Committee has not yet indicated when, or where, the medal ceremony will be held.

The USA have said they want the podium held in Paris during this summer’s Olympics.

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