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Hermoso looks forward to another final after ‘six long months’

Jenni Hermoso gave a pre-international press conference on Tuesday for the first time since she was kissed by former Spanish football chief Luis Rubiales after winning the World Cup and said “football continues to give me life”.

The world champions face France  in Sevilla on Wednesday in the first Women’s Nations League final.

“I’m lucky to be back in another final after six very long months and today I’m enjoying football, competing with Spain to win another tournament,” said Hermoso.

It was her first Spain press conference since she spoke on the eve of the semi-final against Sweden in Auckland, New Zealand in August. 

“A lot has happened since then,” she said.

The midfielder was the centre of an international furore after Rubiales kissed her on the lips against her will after Spain beat England in Sydney in August. Rubiales and team coach Jorge Vidal were dismissed.

“It has been a hard process, of understanding many things”, said Hermoso, who has played in Mexico since 2022 where she moved to Tigres in January. 

“I’m still playing football and the only thing I want is to continue enjoying myself wearing this shirt”.

“For me it’s very important to play in another final, to continue here, I feel good, football continues to give me the life I need, I want to continue enjoying games with my national team and with my Tigres team, and I continue to enjoy this sport.”

“If we win tomorrow, Spain will have made history again.” 

By reaching the Nations League final, Spain also qualified for the Paris Olympics.

“From lifting the World Cup to the Games, we are making a lot of history in a short time, and what better than a team feeling like champions in every sense,” she said.

“Tomorrow we have another chance to show that Spain is here to stay and do very good things,” she said.

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