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iGaming Padel League to start in September

iGaming companies have outlined their love for Padel, a racquet sport which has grown significantly in Malta since its beginning early in the year, by launching the iGaming Padel League.

The league, which kicks off in September and carries out until December, was launched by Enteractive – a company which works closely with iGaming companies in Malta – in partnership with sport organisation Padel Malta.

“This sport is so popular amongst the iGaming community that we jumped at the chance to host the first Enteractive Padel League in Malta. It’s all for fun, but I’m sure things will get competitive very quickly!” Mikael Hansson, CEO and founder of Enteractive, explained.

The league will feature ten teams from different companies in weekly fixtures fighting for the title of Enteractive Padel League Champions starting Monday September 7.

“We’re pleased to have partnered with Enteractive to launch Malta’s first Padel League and bring the ever-growing popularity of the sport to more people on the island. Enteractive are perfectly placed to engage their network of clients and friends across the iGaming ecosystem in Malta,” Janika Wijkmark, co-founder of Padel Malta, added.

Padel has expanded throughout Europe in recent years, enticing tennis players like Rafael Nadal amongst others to open their own clubs, and even before its inception in Malta, the sport had already attracted the attention of expats, especially those working in iGaming companies.

Those interested to enter a team should visit pages.enteractive.com/padel to register their interest, with all confirmed teams to be notified by 31st August.

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