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Virus-hit Premier Division final moved to October 8

The ASA has delayed the Premier Division final by another two days to give Neptunes more time to prepare. Photo: Jonathan Borg

ASA approves new COVID-19 regulations

The Aquatic Sports Association of Malta (ASA) has announced that the Premier Division Play-off Final series between San Ġiljan TUM Invest and Neptunes WPSC will get underway on October 8.

Originally, the first match of the best-of-three play-off final was scheduled for October 6 but the local governing body of acquatic sport accepted a request made by Neptunes to give them more time to prepare for the final series.

This year’s title showdown has been hampered by COVID-19 after a Neptunes player tested positive after their semi-final victory over Sliema Frank Salt Real Estate.

Here, the ASA was forced to halt the top division for two weeks, so that the player goes into quarantine and his fellow team-mates undergo a swab test and serve their mandatory 14-day self-isolation.

With the final date set on October 6, Neptunes felt that they wouldn’t have enough time to prepare and submitted their request to the ASA who accepted to move the final back by another two days.

Meanwhile, the ASA Council Meeting has approved a number of new regulations to their statute regarding COVID-19.

The delegates voted in favour that should the Premier Division be interrupted due to the extraordinary circumstances of COVID-19, the team who was placed highest in the classificiation before the start of the play-offs will be declared as champions.

As regards, the First Division, the members voted in favour that should the championship be halted due to a COVID-19 case, it will be suspended for two weeks. If on resumption it has to be stopped again due to the virus, the team who was placed highest in the standings before the play-offs will also be handed the league title.

Members approved rules that should a player test positive for COVID-19, his team or any other persons affected by the situation must undergo a swab test in the second week of quarantine. “An additional swab test once the quarantine period is over must also be held,” the ASA said.

“The results of the swab tests are to be submitted to the ASA by not later than noon of the day when the relative competition is due to resume.”

The ASA also added that “should any person refuse to take the swab tests, or fail to submit the results of any swab test, he/she will be precluded from entering the National Pool Complex.

“If such person is a player, he shall be considered an ineligible player and as such cannot be included in the team line-up for any match until he submits the relevant documents to the ASA.”

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