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Malta e-Sports champion retires from competitive gaming

Christian Spiteri has announced his retirement from competitive gaming. Photo: BOV e-Premier League

Christian Spiteri, Malta’s highest-ranked competitive e-sports gamer (EA Sports FIFA) and winner of the first two seasons of the Malta BOV e-Premier League, has announced his retirement from competitive gaming.

In an open letter on his socials Monday, Spiteri confirmed plans for his future after announcing he would issue a statement back in June. He explained that his decision stems from the connectivity issues which caused his results to be “far below my expectations”.

“Playing in almost one bar connection, in slow and delayed gameplay which is something that I’m not used to, proved too difficult to play anywhere near my level and do as well as I could in qualifiers and after some thinking, I decided to stick with the original plan and stop competing as a competitive player,” Spiteri said.

“I felt I really could have achieved more as a player but it wasn’t meant to be, I’m happy to be a consistent LAN performer having made ko stage in seven or eight major tournaments I qualified for but it’s still not as good as I wanted to be.”

Despite this, Spiteri insisted that his plans for the game do not stop here. The professional gamer, who is in the process of writing his first e-book about the FIFA series, has not ruled out the possibility of coaching.

“I’m working on a couple of things over the summer that will share what I learned over the years from competing and analyzing this game for years that is aimed to help the FIFA community to improve their level in the game,” Spiteri said.

“I’ll think about if I want to pursue coaching and maybe start doing content – I always loved the idea of coaching and I always thought I’d be a better coach than a player as I always enjoy that side of the game more but we’ll see on that one.”

Spiteri represented Sta Lucia and took the spoils in both seasons, taking maximum points in the e-Premier League. On the international stage, Spiteri was previously ranked 34th in the world and is, until time of writing, a part of SAF Esports.

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