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Hertha Berlin president calls for ‘pyrotechnic zones’

The president of Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin has advocated for the creation of legal “pyrotechnic zones” in football stadiums. 

Kay Bernstein told German newspaper Zeit in an interview to be published Thursday that a safe area where fans can light flares and other “controlled” pyrotechnics would be an improvement on the current situation. 

“I’m in favour of making part of the (stands) into a pyro area, in which flares can be burned in a controlled manner and extinguished directly.”

Pyrotechnics, which usually include coloured flares, are common in German stadiums but are officially banned, despite being widely tolerated. 

Bernstein, a former leader of the Hertha Ultras who became president in June, has previously advocated for the legalisation of safe fireworks in stadiums.

“I cannot accept anything that could endanger other people (or) any form of violence,” Bernstein said. 

“But the way it is arranged now doesn’t really bring anything.

“I’m not a revolutionary, but of course I want to change some things.”

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