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Scotland Women’s national team take legal action over equal pay

Scotland Women’s national team have taken legal action against the Scottish Football Association as they fight for equal pay.

Scotland’s female players are demanding a contract stipulating equal pay and treatment compared to their male counterparts.

They also want equality on issues including training facilities, hotels, travel, kit plus medical and nutritional resources.

Scotland Women’s national team captain Rachel Corsie will be the lead claimant in the employment tribunal case.

“This is about all professional footballers being treated equally,” Aston Villa defender Corsie said in a statement.

“After years of iniquity, disrespect, and in some cases abuse, we have a historic opportunity to advance equal pay and to promote equality for women and girls in football.

“This campaign is about parity, and we’ll be seeking to engage with the Scottish Football Association, the fans, and everyone in Scotland’s football community to deliver this long overdue change.”

The action will be fully funded by PFA Scotland and is likely to cite equal pay arrangements involving the female national teams of the United States, Norway, Canada and Sweden. 

The US women’s team reached a reported £17.7 million ($21 million) settlement with US Soccer earlier this year following a six-year legal fight.

Scotland’s male national side waived any match fees for a long spell until qualifying for Euro 2020.

The Scotland women’s team qualified for the European Championship in 2017 and the World Cup in 2019, but have missed out in their two most recent qualifying campaigns.

Scotland’s Real Madrid midfielder Caroline Weir said: “For so many years we’ve felt an after-thought, and whilst we have seen growth it’s come as a result of driving our own change.

“Payments from sponsorship deals overwhelmingly go to the men’s game, and to male players. 

“In our current society, this is one example of the outdated prejudice towards one group of players. The national team should be one unified organisation.”

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