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Estonia women call up 23 players for Malta matchup

The Estonia women’s national team will be composed of 23 players as the Baltic nation is set to host Malta in an international friendly, this Friday.

Head coaches Anastassia Morkovkina and Sirje Roops have called up a squad mostly based of local-based players for their friendly against Malta, with just one plying her trade away from Estonia – Vlada Kubassova.

Kubassova, born in 1995, features for Italian side Como where she plays together with Malta women Emma Lipman in the Serie A Femminile.

One of the 23 players called up is Estonian legendary figure Signy Aarna, who has 106 caps, and who will bid farewell to international football in the Malta game.

Estonia will face the Ukraine national team as well, in a match that will be played on April 11.


Karina Kork (JK Tabasalu); Keiti Kruusmann (Tartu JK Tammeka).

Signy Aarna (Põlva FC Lootos); Kelly Rosen (Tallinna FC Flora); Siret Räämet (Tallinna FC Flora); Maarja Saulep (Tallinna FC Flora); Eva-Maria Niit (Tartu JK Tammeka); Sandra Liir (Saku Sporting); Jessika Uleksin (Tallinna FC Flora); Rahel Repkin (Tartu JK Tammeka).

Kairi Himanen (Saku Sporting); Lisette Tammik (Tallinna FC Flora); Grete Daut (Saku Sporting); Renate-Ly Mehevets (Tartu JK Tammeka); Jaanika Volkov (Tallinna FC Flora); Anastasia Ivanova (Tallinna FC Flora).

Kristina Bannikova (Saku Sporting); Vlada Kubassova (Como Women, Italy); Mari Liis Lillemäe (Tallinna FC Flora); Emma Treiberg (Saku Sporting); Liisa Merisalu (Tartu JK Tammeka); Getter Saar (Tallinna FC Flora); Katriin Saulus (Saku Sporting).


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