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Watch: Depiro SC aiming for ‘healthier and happier population’ after second ‘Let’s Get Active’ week

Let’s Get Active took place during the last week of May. Photo: Depiro SC

Depiro Sports Club, in collaboration with the Mtarfa Local Council, the Mtarfa Community Policing team, Agenzija Sapport, Mtarfa Scouts Group, and Baden Powell Scouts Group Mtarfa sponsored by Tal-Furnar, organised a week of sports activity ‘Let’s Get Active’ which culminated with a whole community activity on May 27.

The aim of the activity was to promote the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, Depiro CEO Ruben Baldacchino said.

“The activity turned out to be a huge success,” he remarked.

“We had over 500 people attending the activity on Saturday and we had other activities throughout the week which promoted a healthy lifestyle for all the community.

“On Friday we started with fitness classes open for the community, Saturday a whole morning of activities, and Sunday volleyball activities with parents and community police.

“The activity was focused to promote the sport for all concept where everyone can enjoy doing sports activities which are beneficial for their health, social and mental well-being.”

Ms. Leona Vella coordinator of Depiro SibtSport explained how events held on Saturday gave children various opportunities.

“The program consisted of a walk around Mtarfa for all the family who could enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside,” she explained.

“The walk was led by the community policing team. Local organizations then exhibited activities together with our Depiro SibtSport coaches organising various activities in the Mtarfa square where children had the opportunity to try different challenges that were based on physical activity such as coordination, balancing, agility, and speed.”

The activities coincided with the last day of the Depiro’s SibtSport program where the junior and early year programs had the opportunity to take part in sports activities in the Depiro SC facilities.

“Following last year success this year we decided to organize more activities throughout the week, instead of a one-day event,” Baldacchino added.

“The fitness classes turned out to be a success and we plan now to organise them even throughout summer. We are looking forward to organizing more of these activities together with private, government and non-governmental organizations that work in the community to have a healthier and happier population.

“This activity has shown that government and non-governmental organisations can work together for the benefit of the community. Depiro Sports Club is committed to keep strengthening this collaboration between organisations.”

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