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Six world records set at World Class Open Powerlifting Championships in Malta

Six world records have been broken so far at the World Classic Open Powerlifting Championship that is currently being held at the Arena Conference Centre in St Julian’s.

The event which will come to a close on Sunday, June 18, has brought to Malta over 500 athletes who travelled from more than 60 countries.

Among the top countries that are competing in this tournament are USA, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, US Virgin Islands, Canada, Sweden, and Taiwan.

The participating athletes are competing in squat, bench press, and deadlift and vary from 59kg to 120kg for men and 47kg to 84kg in the women’s category.

So far three world records have been set in the Deadlift competition.

In the men’s competition, Carl Johansson set a new world best in the 74kg with an effort of 328kg.

In the women’s 52kg, Farhanna Farid managed 203kg while Heather Connor also set a new world mark when managing a lift of 200kg in the 47kg class.

In the women’s junior, Jessica Espinal broke the world record in the 47kg with a deadlift of 175kg.

In squat, Timothy Monigatt, managed an effort of 283.5kg in the 74kg category while Tiffany Chapon set a new world best in benchpress when lifting 99.5kg in the 47kg class.

Madletiks Ltd, a Malta-based company, was instrumental in attracting and lobbying for such an important event to take place on our shores.

The World Classic Open Powerlifting Championships might not be the biggest event on the IPF’s calendar, but it is definitely the most prestigious.

These championships are expected to be broadcast on Eurosport, capturing a potential audience of 600 million viewers in 53 European and eight Asian countries.

Apart from Eurosport, the event is going to be streamed on the Olympic Channel, South American and Asian Sport Channels, and IPF Streaming on YouTube. More information can be accessed on www.ipfmalta.com.

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