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Fabio Spiteri steps up fundraising efforts despite Brazil setback

Endurance racing pushes human limits, demanding physical prowess, mental fortitude, and unwavering determination.

Within this realm of extraordinary athletic feats, one name stands out – Fabio Spiteri. A remarkable ultra triathlete, Spiteri has become a household name for his insatiable appetite for pushing boundaries. 

This insatiable drive is also fuelled by his passion for animals, the prevalence of animal abandonment, which inspite of efforts to promote responsible pet ownership, remains on the high side.

“Animal abandonment, particularly that of dogs, is a heart-wrenching issue that has far-reaching consequences,” Spiteri said.

“When humans choose to discard their furry companions, they subject these loyal and loving animals to immense physical and emotional distress and it leaves lasting scars on their well-being. Hence the emphasis on the urgent need for awareness, compassion, and responsible pet ownership.”             

Spiteri has been for years raising funds and awareness on the matter, his challenges becoming more gruelling with each year that passes.  

His recent challenge was the Brazil Ultra Triathlon. In simple terms this triathlon sees athletes attempt to complete 10 Ironman triathlons (3.8km swim, 180km cycle and a 42 kms) in ten days. 

Unfortunately Spiteri’s indomitable spirit was challenged by painful blisters and torn muscles that thwarted his attempt to complete the full distance, nonetheless completing seven triathlons saw Spiteri still full of positivity on the outcome.

In a society that glorifies success and achievement, it can be difficult to fathom the positive outcomes that can emerge from what many might regard as failure.

While Spiteri’s decision not to complete the Deca Triathlon Challenge may initially seem like a setback, it is essential to recognise that the outcome still holds valuable lessons, one of which is altering course when plans do not go as expected. 

Spiteri has just applied for the Swiss Ultra triathlon – the Quintuple Ultratriathlon of the one per day variant covers a total distance of 1,130 kilometres.

The athletes have to complete one long distance triathlon each day for five consecutive days: 3.8 kilometers swim, 180 kilometers bike and 42.2 kilometers run. Spiteri is no stranger to this race having successfully completed this race in 2022.

Thus, Spiteri’s quest to collect funds to support animal shelters is far from over. 

As things stand, Spiteri has reached €45,000 of the €100,000 target.

Food distribution

These funds will be used to distribute food amongst cat feeders and animal shelters as well as the purchase of 200 stray cat houses.

“This is a heartfelt appeal to support this initiative. These proceeds are much needed to give a roof and shelter to the increasing amount of dogs that are being abandoned. One must not underestimate the trauma that these animals go through, irrespective of the love the volunteers in these shelters shower them with. Please keep donating,” concluded Spiteri.

How can you donate?

Public donations via: Revolut: +356 99816248; Paypal: rarmalta@gmail.com; Paypal: https://paypal.me/RealAnimalRights?locale.x=en_US; SMS donations: € 2.33 | 50617312; € 4.66 | 50618075; € 6.99 | 50618923; € 11.65 | 50619260. Bank Transfer: BOV IBAN : MT40VALL22013000000050010082877.

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