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CORSA, Birkirkara St Joseph team up in partnership agreement

Aim to attract more youngsters to sport

Birkirkara St Joseph have signed a partnership agreement with CORSA that will see the two sporting entities join forces to try and attract more youngsters to the sport and put the country on the international sporting map.

Talks between the two entities have been ongoing for a few weeks and an agreement was finally reached between Birkirkara St Joseph president Ray Grech and CORSA founder and CEO Matthew Pace earlier this week when they rubberstamped their new partnership.

Matthew Pace said that he was delighted to have sealed this deal with Birkirkara St Joseph which will befit not only both entities but Maltese sport in general.

“We are really delighted with this partnership with Birkirkara St Joseph,” Pace told the Times of Malta.

“Basically our agenda at CORSA and our mission statement is to promote sports tourism in Malta namely through our flagship events, the La Valette Marathon and the Challenge Triathlon.

Video: Matthew Mirabelli

“Birkirkara St Joseph are a very professional club, which if I am not mistaken have around 20 events organised each year. The sports calendar in Malta is already congested and therefore coming up with new events and dates would certainly be counter-productive.

“The events of Birkirkara St Joseph are in sync with our own events, in fact they have competitions in swimming, triathlon and duathlon as well as organising running events as well.

“Added to that we have reached their services for our events already and we have built a very strong relationship over the years and I am sure that everyone will gain from this agreement.”

Pace said that the main objective behind this agreement is to try and attract the young generation to take part in sporting events and in doing that promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“Through this agreement we intend to target the young generation, promoting sporting events for youths. We know in Malta one of the medical statistics that we are popular for, for  the wrong reasons is the rate of obesity in our population and these events will be quite beneficial to address this problem.”

On his part, Ray Grech, the Birkirkara SJ president, said that the main aim behind this deal is to attract more people to sport.

“The main idea behind this partnership is to promote Maltese sport and try to attract more participants to our events,” Grech  said.

“Our club organises a lot of events throughout the year, running events, cycling, duathlon and open water swimming, so we have quite a big portfolio and we provide a service to organise events as well.

Video: Matthew Mirabelli

“CORSA organise a marathon in Malta and we feel that together we can continue to develop sport in Malta and we are capable of attracting more foreign athletes and put Malta on the international sporting map.”

Grech said that he hopes that this agreement will encourage sports-lovers in Malta to start tasting the experience of competing in organised events.

“It is our objective to increase the participation numbers from all areas,” Grech said.

“In Malta we have a lot of sport being organised and there are many athletes who practise sport alone. It’s no secret that if one competes in an organised event he feels much more satisfaction.

“I take this opportunity to make an appeal to these people to come forward and take part in our events and see how it feels to be part of such competitions. I am sure it would be a more gratifying experience.”

From left: Marc Stafrace, Francesca Scerri, Michela Pace and Matthew Pace


CORSA is a company that embodies the spirit of sportsmanship and wellness, with a mission to inspire individuals to reach their full potential through sports.

Led by three dynamic entrepreneurs, Matthew, Francesca, and Marc, CORSA is a passion-driven company that aims to create a positive impact on people’s lives through their love of sports.


Matthew, the Founder and CEO of Corsa, has an extensive background in hospitality and catering, having worked in the industry for several years.

His love for running, which he has been doing for the past 18 years, is also a significant part of his life.

He has completed 16 half marathons and two full marathons while also practicing martial arts for the past two decades. Matthew is a true advocate for leading an active lifestyle, and he uses his passion to promote Malta as a sports tourism destination.

Francesca Scerri

Francesca, also known as “The Creative”, is the Logistics Director at Corsa, and she possesses exceptional talent in event organisation and project management.

Her passion for theatre and entertainment is evident in the unique and exciting events that she organises.

Francesca’s creativity shines through in her ability to think outside the box and bring innovative solutions to the table, which is a valuable asset to the team.

Her passion for entertainment adds a touch of creativity and imagination to the events that Corsa organises, making them even more memorable.

Marc Stafrace

Marc, the Marketing Executive of Corsa, is an accomplished professional with a passion for branding, merchandising, and marketing.

Marc has also worked with a diverse range of brands, helping them to elevate their visibility through a tailored mix of branding, merchandise, and photography.

His keen eye for photography also comes in handy when creating marketing campaigns that showcase the brand’s values and mission.

Michela Pace

Michela’s expertise in Digital Marketing is an asset to the Corsa team. In her free time, Michela is always eager to support Corsa, utilising her skills to help the company grow and succeed. With her passion for social media, she ensures that Corsa’s online presence is engaging and relevant.

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