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Watch: Tenishia Thornton strikes gold at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships

Tenishia Thornton (centre) poses with her gold medal.

Team Malta continued to shine at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships with another remarkable day of achievements.

Tenishia Thornton, a rising star in the sport, showcased her exceptional talent by securing a gold medal in the junior 59kg category and a silver medal in the seniors category.

Despite a minor setback in her first attempt at 81kg snatch, Thornton displayed her resilience and determination, successfully lifting 81kg on her second attempt and surpassing that with an impressive 82kg on her third attempt.

In the Clean and Jerk, Thornton exhibited flawless technique, successfully lifting 99kg, 102kg, and a remarkable 104kg. This outstanding performance led her to a total weight of 186kg, cementing her position as a force to be reckoned with.

In the junior category, Thornton showcased her superiority, outperforming her closest competitor from India by a staggering 19kg. Solomon Island secured the third position in this highly competitive division.

Moving on to the seniors’ category, the competition intensified as 17 athletes from different countries battled it out for supremacy.

Thornton faced tough competition from countries such as England, Australia, Canada, among others. However, her exceptional skills and unwavering determination enabled her to clinch the silver medal for Malta.

The host country, India, emerged victorious in the seniors category with a total weight of 189kg, closely followed by Thornton with 186kg, and South Africa securing third position with 185kg.

This championship marked a significant milestone for Thornton as it was her first major competition following a challenging period of balancing her MATSEC A-level examinations and her rigorous training routine. Her dedication and sacrifices paid off, as she received her examination results on the same day as the competition and achieved outstanding success in both areas.

The Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships are far from over, and on Friday, the spotlight will shift to Rylee Borg, who will be competing in the 81kg category.

In a statement, the Malta Weightlifting Association said: “The achievements of Tenishia Thornton at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships in Delhi, India have not only brought glory to Team Malta but have also solidified her position as a rising star in the sport.

“With her remarkable talent and unwavering determination, she has set a benchmark for future competitions.”

Team Malta’s participation in India would not have been possible without the support of the Maltese Olympic Committee and SportMalta.

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