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Kim Camilleri Lagana wins three medals at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships

Kim Camilleri Lagana (right) poses with her medal.

Kim Camilleri Lagana continued to show impressive form after winning three medals at the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships that are currently being held in Delhi, India.

The championships have attracted the participation of weightlifters from 19 different countries, including Australia, Canada and England, among others.

Camilleri Lagana headed into these championships in high spirits, particularly after winning three bronze medals at the European Under 15 Championships that were held in Chisinau, Moldova.

The Maltese lifter returned home with a silver medal in the Youths category, followed by another silver in the Juniors class.

In the seniors category, Camilleri Lagana earned a bronze medal, solidifying her position as a formidable weightlifter in her division.

During the Snatch portion of the competition, Camilleri Lagana displayed great technique and strength, lifting 54kg, 56kg, and 58kg to set a strong foundation for her overall performance.

However, an Indian athlete showcased her prowess by lifting 57kg and later attempted 60kg. Although she initially failed to lift 60kg, she ultimately succeeded on her final attempt to pip the Maltese athlete.

Moving on to the Clean and Jerk segment, Camilleri Lagana once again demonstrated her skill and determination. She began with a successful lift of 69kg, while her Indian counterpart progressed to 70kg.

Undeterred, the Maltese lifter pushed herself further and managed to execute a flawless lift of 73kg, temporarily securing the lead in the competition.

However, the Indian athlete matched her performance by also lifting 73kg.

With a final push, Camilleri Lagana managed to lift 76kg, once again taking the lead.

Yet, in a remarkable display of strength, the Indian athlete equalled Kim’s lift, ultimately securing first place with a total of 136kg.

Camilleri Lagana secured second place for Malta with a total of 134kg, while a Bangladesh lifter claimed the third spot.

The overall competition saw India dominate once again, clinching first place in the Seniors category. Sri Lanka secured second place, while Malta’s weightlifters displayed exceptional prowess, to take home the bronze medal.

The championships continue on Thursday when Tenishia Thornton will be in action for Malta while Rylee Borg will compete on Friday.  

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