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ClimbMT launches Challenge National Bouldering League

ClimbMT, formerly known as Malta Climbing Club, successfully hosted the inaugural round of the Challenge National Bouldering League last weekend.

This marks the beginning of an exciting journey for aspiring young climbers; building on the experience gained during the first National Bouldering Championship which took place in September.

The Challenge National Bouldering League for the year 2024 is set to captivate climbing enthusiasts with four thrilling bouldering competitions scheduled for December, February, April, and June.

These competitions serve as crucial stepping stones, demanding participants to accumulate points across all four League events to determine the league champions for the respective age brackets.

The events are being hosted by ClimbMT in collaboration with Ġebla climbing.

The first leg of the Challenge National Bouldering League took place last Saturday, at the 1st Sliema Scouts headquarters – on a small bouldering wall administered by ClimbMT.

The competition unfolded from 09:00 to 16:00, with each age group allocated a dedicated two-hour time slot. The routes for the competition were set by Mathias Gennesseaux of MG Climbing and Amy Meilinger of Ġebla.

A total of 26 youths with a split of 15 boys and 11 girls, competed in this first round.

The event not only showcased exceptional climbing prowess but also emphasised the inclusive spirit and camaraderie within the climbing community.

For young climbers aspiring to clinch the National League title, attendance and active participation in each of the four League Cup competitions are imperative.

Each competition contributes significantly to the overall points tally, ultimately determining the contenders for the grand title.

In a statement, the ClimbMT said that it remains committed to fostering a vibrant climbing culture and nurturing the next generation of climbers through events like the Youth League Cup.  

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