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€6000 raised in last Sunday’s 12-hour Community Charity Swim

Neil Agius (left) and Fabio Spiteri during Sunday's charity swim at the Neptunes Pool.

Last Sunday, Neil Agius and Fabio Spiteri spearheaded a remarkable 12-hour Community Charity Swim, raising €6000 for Inspire Malta.

Their dedication, alongside the collective efforts of all participants, highlighted a shared commitment to inclusivity and empowerment through swimming.

At Neptunes pool in St. Julian’s, Neil and Fabio embarked on their mission, driven by the vision of providing swimming access to all children.

Agius, known for his endurance feats, swam an impressive 44 km, while Fabio pushed his boundaries, marking his longest swim yet.

Both swimmers covered the whole 12 hours, only stopping for short energy-fuelling breaks.

Their endeavour resonated with a diverse audience, from young enthusiasts to athletes and public figures, uniting hearts and minds in support.

Notably, participants like Thomas Mifsud who was born with spina bifida and osteogenesis imperfecta, defied odds by completing the swim in an impressive six hours and seven minutes.

Swimmers in action during Sunday’s Charity Swim at the Neptunes Pool.

With €6000 raised, over 400km swum collectively and more than 150 participants, this 12-hour Community Charity Swim left an enduring impact, touching hearts and inspiring change.

The event was organised by Eurosport and supported by Neptunes, VIBE FM, Garmin, Arena and Inspire.

The event organisers showed their appreciation to everyone who joined and donated to such a great cause.

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