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Greece prepared to help Paris Olympics security

Greece is prepared to contribute to security at the Paris Olympics, the government said on Thursday, after media reported that France requested surface-to-air missiles.

“Should our allies request a specific contribution that does not affect the country’s defensive capability, for a specific timeframe, in this case the Olympic Games, this will be done,” said Greek government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis.

The Kathimerini daily earlier Thursday reported that French authorities had made an official request for the short-range, surface-to-air Crotale missile system for use in protecting the July-August event.

“The French, well-informed sources say, are suggesting that if Paris intends to provide anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine, it needs allied assistance to ensure the air defense of critical infrastructure within the capital,” the daily said.

The French embassy was contacted for comment.

Greece’s air force acquired the French-made Crotale missile system in 2003.

The Financial Times had reported this week that Greece was also under pressure from EU and NATO allies to provide Patriot and S-300 missile defence systems to Ukraine, which is struggling to fend off Russian forces in their two-year-old war. 

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