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Watch: European waterpolo powerhouses to meet in Malta for Champions League Final Four

The European Aquatics Men’s Champions League Final Four, the highest event in the clubs’ water polo calendar, will take place in Malta from June 5 to 7.

This prestigious competition, which Malta will host for the next three years, is not just a sporting event but a significant milestone that will shape the island’s sports culture and infrastructure, leaving a lasting legacy.

The tournament will showcase top European waterpolo teams in high-stakes matches, including two semi-finals and two finals at the National Pool Complex in Tal-Qroqq.

Competing teams include the record-holding Pro Recco, of Italy, the reigning European champions for the third consecutive year; Serbia’s Novi Beograd, runners-up in the last two editions and hosts of the previous three Final Eight tournaments; Hungary’s Ferencvaros, the 2019 champions; Greek powerhouse Olympiacos, the two-time Champions League winners.

As part of the event, a sports village will be established at the venue’s entrance to enhance the spectators’ experience. The village will open at 17:00, while the first semifinal will kick off at 19:00 and the second semifinal at 21:00.

The third and fourth place and the grand final will be played on June 7 at the same times.

“The Ministry responsible for Sport and the Aquatic Sports Association have expressed keen interest in organising this event,” the ASA said in a statement.

“Their successful bid for the 2024 to 2026 editions is a testament to Malta’s growing prowess in the sport on an international level. The commitment to host such a high-profile tournament underscores Malta’s ambition to cement its position in sports tourism and increase its visibility within the global sporting community.”

The event will be broadcast across various international television networks and amplified through strong social media engagement, ensuring a broad European audience.

Already, five international broadcasters have confirmed that they will be transmitting the event.

“The European Aquatics Men’s Champions League Final Four is not just an opportunity for sports fans to witness top-tier waterpolo,” the ASA said.

“It’s a chance for the local community to be part of an international event, to feel the excitement, and to contribute to its success. Volunteers and local businesses, this is your moment to shine and show your support for the sport and your community.”

The last tickets are on sale through the Aquatic Sports Association website, www.asaofmalta.eu. Due to security reasons, tickets will not be sold at the door.

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