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National Sport School bowlers return to action for first time since lockdown

After weeks of isolation, National Sport School bowlers were finally able to enjoy getting back on the lanes again and for national bowling head coach Rick Vogelesang, this has been a welcome relief.

The young bowling athletes returned to action for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown began in March, after the lockdown was lifted and Eden Superbowl was allowed to open under certain restrictions. The forced new opening times meant that the students could not train.

The National Sport School and the management of the Eden Superbowl joined forces to find a solution with the government to open especially for the students. This weeke, following weeks of planning, principle college coordinator Keith Bartolo announced that they had struck a deal.

“When I got the news from NSS sports manager Claudio Azzopardi, I was relieved and very happy for my students,” said head coach Rick Vogelesang.

“Hearing the sound of the pins again was a welcome noise and importantly for the students, seeing them starting to return to normal and socialise with their fellow students was a sight I have been waiting for a while,” Rick added.

“I was surprised to see how understanding and helpful the Eden Superbowl was with implementing the special COVID-19 rules of the National Sport School to allow the athletes to train safely and respected the NSS ‘Bubble rule’ perfectly, while at the same time enjoying each other’s company.

“Hopefully in the future, we will be in a position to review how we train further and, with the support of Eden Superbowl and NSS guidance, eventually get back to normal. But for now, this will certainly do.”

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