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Dr Kirill Micallef Stafrace to contest Julian Pace Bonello for MOC presidency

Kevin Azzopardi set to present his nomination for general secretary

Julian Pace Bonello will be contested by Dr Kirill Micallef Stafrace in the upcoming presidential elections of the Maltese Olympic Committee that are scheduled for November.

Pace Bonello had been at the helm of the Maltese Olympic Committee since 2013 when on that occasion he replaced former president Lino Farrugia Sacco who did not seek re-election.

Dr Micallef Stafrace is already part of the MOC Executive Committee as he is currently serving the post of chairman of the Medical Commission.

Dr Micallef Stafrace made the announcement in a post on his facebook page.

“Now it’s official. Notwithstanding my awful doctor’s handwriting, I can now state that I have put my name forward for the presidency of the Maltese Olympic Committee,” he said.

“The encouragement from the MOC member associations/federations has been overwhelming and the strong support from my better half Nicola Micallef Stafrace made this decision easier.

“I decided to stop talking the talk, but rather walk the walk.”

During the November elections, another position that is likely to be contested is that of Joe Cassar, who is currently the MOC general secretary.

In fact, the Times of Malta can confirm that Kevin Azzopardi is expected to submit his nomination for the post before the deadline day which is set on October 11.

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