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Mexico bids to host 2036 Olympics

Mexico on Wednesday announced a bid to host the 2036 Olympics, more than half a century after first staging the Summer Games.

“We’re starting on the path to once again be the organizers of the Olympic Games in 2036,” Mexican Olympic Committee head Maria Jose Alcala said at a news conference alongside Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

Ebrard described Mexico as “a sports power,” noting that it would be the first country to stage the men’s FIFA World Cup for a third time in 2024, jointly with the United States and Canada.

“Our goal is to bring the Olympic Games to Mexico in 2036 and, if not, in 2040,” he said, adding that the proposed locations of the main venues had not been decided.

“Cities shouldn’t adapt to the Olympic Games. Large facilities should not be built that are not used later. It has to be the other way around — the Olympic Games should be adapted to cities,” Ebrard said.

It would be the second time that the Latin American nation hosts the Summer Games.

The 1968 Olympics were held in Mexico City, at an altitude of 2,240 meters (7,350 feet) above sea level.

Egypt and Indonesia are among countries that have also expressed an interest in hosting the 2036 Olympics, along with the mayor of Istanbul.

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