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Duncan Vella – new president of Malta Chess Federation

The Malta Chess Federation held its Annual General Meeting on February 5.

The new council for the next four years was formed. Duncan Vella was appointed president and Noel Grima will fill the role of vice-president. Jake Darmanin is the new General Secretary while Nina Thornton is Treasurer.

Geoffrey Borg will be the FIDE Delegate while Jamie Farrugia, Ron Sammut and Robert Novak are appointed members.

The AGM was attended by Kevin Azzopardi, general secretary of the Maltese Olympic Committee.

During the meeting, Borg, the MCF’s outgoing president, thanked all the councils he worked with in the past 20 years. He explained that the MCF has achieved many things and is now in good financial health.

He promised to keep on working with the current council and will concentrate his efforts on international affairs of the MCF.

Vella explained that preparations are in place for the MCF’s 100th anniversary which is officially on August 12, 2023.

The Malta Chess Federations are stepping up their preparations for the Junior Championships in March.

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