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Amato and Mangion progress at EBA Nations Cup

Claudio Cassar in action during the EBA Nations Cup.

The second day of the EBA Nations Cup 2023, which is being held in Bridlington, was reserved for the singles competitions.

Several Maltese players took part in this competition on a knock-out basis.

In the men’s category, no less than 224 games were played from the opening three rounds of the competition.

Two Maltese players managed to get to the fourth round as on Wednesday Owen Amato will be facing Scotsman Jamie Burnett while Stephen Mangion will play against Ben Rodgers, of England.

Amato eliminated Irish Graham Murrin 5-2 and Dutch Bert Willemsen 5-2.

On the other hand, Mangion had the better of Australian Luke Jowett (5-0) and Scottish player Ryan Fleming (5-2).

In the seniors category, the only Maltese player who reached the third round was Lee Grima, who beat Australia’s Dale Land 5-1 and his team-mate Antoine Aquilina 5-2.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the team competitions resume.

In the men’s category, the Maltese national team, led by Clevion Micallef, face Gibraltar, Mexico and South Africa.

In the seniors category, Malta, led by Philip Gatt, play Catalonia and Scotland.

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