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Mauro Anastasi back on top of the podium with victory in the MBA Masters

From left: Nicholas Muscat, Sue Abela, Mauro Anastasi and Kayden Lagana.

After a few events without a win, Mauro Anastasi is back to winning ways in the MBA Masters competition.

On Sunday, while Anastasi may not have physically spoken the words “I’m back,” he didn’t much need to.

Anastasi was positively dominant in the final match against Malta’s top female bowler Sue Abela.

The final three stages of the competition were played on Sunday at the Eden Superbowl.

After five games in the quarter-finals, it was Nicolas Muscat that topped the leaderboard with an impressive 1,111 pins over five games.

The top 6 semi-finals were played in 2 groups, positions 1,3, and 5 in Group A, and positions 2,4, and 6 in Group B.

One game was played where the lowest score would drop out.

With a few close matches, it was Anastasi and Abela that booked their place in the final match.

With a score of 210, it was Anastasi who went on to lift the trophy as Abela could only manage 169.

Anastasi and Abela are bound for San Marino where they will be representing Malta at the Mediterranean Championships, with play beginning in early May.

The two experienced bowlers will be joined by Kayden Lagana and Cynthia Duca.

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