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New national record for Crack Money

Noel Baldacchino leads Eldorado De Ver to victory in the Prix De Vincennes semi-final. Photo; Matthew Mirabelli

Rodney Gatt impresses with five wins during Friday’s meeting

The 28th and the 29th meeting of the year were held during the weekend at the Marsa Racetrack.

Both programmes included the semi-final races from various championships for French trotters held on a short distance of 2,140m.

The two most important races were the semi-finals from the Prix De Vincennes championship for class Premier trotters. From these races 12 trotters made it to the final stage.

In the first class Premier semi-final, Eldorado de Ver (Noel Baldacchino) sealed its fourth win of the year in Malta after taking the lead in the final metres.

As expected, favourite and popular Crack Money (Michael Ellul) was unchallenged in the second class Premier heat and led all the way.

This French trotter registered its fourth win in Malta and its third in a row in a new national average time of 1.11.9” per kilometre on a short distance of 2.140m.  

Friday’s winners

Race 1. Prix De Caen SF. Class Copper  – General De L’Isac (Paul Galea) – 1.18”

Race 2. Prix De Caen SF. Class Copper – Henzo De Perthuis (Rodney Gatt) – 1.16.1”

Race 3. Class Bronze – Hurricane (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.17.1”

Race 4. Class Copper– Dardanus (James Carabott) – 1.19.1”

Race 5. Class Silver – Gringo Boko (Charles Camilleri) – 1.16.3”

Race 6. Class Premier – Gigantic Star (Jonathan J. Farrugia) – 1.17.1”

Race 7. Class Silver – Mojo Express (Rodney Gatt) – 1.17.8”

Race 8. ALDB Sette Giugno Cup SF. Class Premier – Lucky Guy Boko (Rodney Gatt) – 1.14.2”

Race 9. Class Premier. – Global Undecided (Rodney Gatt) – 1.15.8”

Race 10. Class Silver – Ganyboy (Rodney Gatt) – 1.17.6”

Race 11. Class Bronze – El Camino De Lou (Mark Mifsud) – 1.18”

Sunday’s winners

Race 1. Class Gold – Firejack De Viette (Caillin Borg) – 1.15.3”

Race 2. Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer SF. Class Bronze – Cooper Club (Silvio Schembri) – 1.15.5”

Race 3. Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer SF. Class Bronze.– Forrest Beji (Jesmar Gafa’) – 1.15.3”

Race 4. Prix De Cagnes Sur Mer SF. Class Bronze – Eole Desbois (Ramon Briffa) – 1.16”

Race 5. Prix De Cabourg Semifinal. Class Silver – Baqualito Mag (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.14.3”

Race 6. Prix De Vincennes SF. Class Premier. – Eldorado De Ver (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.14.2”

Race 7. Prix d’Enghien SF. Class Gold. – Escoublac (Charlton Muscat) – 1.14.7”

Race 8. Prix De Cabourg SF. Class Silver. – Derby Speed (Nicholas Cauchi) – 1.15.6”

Race 9. Prix d’Enghien SF. Class Gold.– Classic d’Urzy (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.14.5”

Race 10. Prix De Vincennes SF. Class Premier. – Crack Money (Michael Ellul) – 1.11.9”

Race 11. Prix De Cabourg SF. Class Silver – Elorn (Charles Camilleri) – 1.15.5”

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