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MKF official Susan Sciortino passes exams to become Kumite Judge A in karate

Malta Karate Federation referee Susan Sciortino achieved the highest possible qualification for a judiciary official when becoming a Kumite Judge A after passing her exams during the European Karate Championships that were recently held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Sciortino’s achievement is a huge coup for the local governing body of karate who not only invests heavily on its athletes but also gives a lot of importance to its panel of judges.

In Tbilisi, Sciortino also formed part of the refereeing panel of the European Karate Federation during the continental championships.

Having the license of Kumite Judge A is the highest possible qualification in the judge category and Sciortino will now be eligible to officiate in the European Karate Championships.


Such achievement makes Sciortino the highest internationally certified karate referee in Malta and further confirms the very high level of competence she managed to achieve to pass the exam.

Karate played an integral part in Sciortino’s life as she started her career as young as a four-year-old and throughout the years the love for the sport continued to grow.

Apart from being a very competitive athlete she continued to delve into the sport by transitioning to coaching and later to refereeing.

Her refereeing journey took off in 2019 when she qualified as a referee and officiated in the Small States of Europe Karate Championships held in Iceland.

Susan Sciortino (third right) in action during the MKF National League held in March.

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