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Clubs’ sponsorship income to increase by 800 per cent says MPL chairman Joseph Muscat

Malta Premier League (MPL) chairman Joseph Muscat (left) addressing a news conference. Photo: Jonathan Borg

Malta Premier League Chairman Joseph Muscat announced that top-flight clubs will see their sponsorship income from the Premier League increase by 800 per cent from next season, as the Malta Premier League enters a new era.

Muscat was addressing the media during a news conference where the much-criticised new Premier League format was presented for the first time since European governing body UEFA gave its green light earlier this month.

Season 2024-25 will herald the start of a new era for Maltese football as clubs playing in the top flight will be taking responsibility for the championship’s organisation for the first time according to a new format that has been approved by the Premier League clubs.

“During our talks over a new format, the Malta Premier League clubs’ priority has always been to make the championship a more competitive one with more direct confrontations between the top teams and that is where it was agreed that we introduce the idea of a play-off,” Muscat said.

“There was also agreement on the increase of overseas players and the creation of a pot that will benefit financially those clubs who field homegrown players. I am sure that the MFA will give details on how much the clubs would earn from this initiative, but from my information, they will be receiving a significant amount of funds.

“As for next season, we are aware that if Valletta FC, one of Malta’s most popular clubs, are relegated we will surely receive a hit in terms of attendances as they are a team that enjoys a great following.

“But I am confident that with the new model we are presenting, we can revive interest in the championship.”

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Muscat said that as of next season, the Premier League will be making a profit thanks to the support of new sponsors.

“When we speak on the sustainability of the Premier League, for many years the Malta FA ended up making a loss for the organisation of the championship,” Muscat said.

“Initially, our plan was for this championship to start making a profit by the fifth year. However, thanks to the good number of sponsors we have managed to attract, we will be making a profit and the clubs’ sponsorship income will increase by 800 per cent. All of the earnings that we will make will be distributed among all the clubs.”

Muscat said that to increase the interest in the Premier League championship, the MPL decided to change its policy on TV broadcasts of matches.

“We have signed an agreement with the Public Broadcasting Services to continue transmitting live matches next season, with the difference that there will be no longer a limit of two matches per weekend,” Muscat said.

“This is being made as we disagree with the theory that people will not come to the stadiums if matches are screened live on TV. On the contrary, we believe that the more matches are transmitted, the more interest in the championship increases. In the medium term, one would eventually attract them to the stadium.”

The fixtures of the ‘new’ Premier League will be drawn on July 3 and for the first time, the draw will be made through an algorithm format that will ensure that top matches will be spread equally throughout the calendar, with two top matches scheduled for every Matchday.

The first day of the championship is scheduled for August 17.

Muscat made it clear that this format will be tested for the next two seasons and if they see that it didn’t reach the desired goals they will be open to change it again.

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