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The Malta Football Professional Clubs Association

After many years it was about time that an association representing the Maltese football clubs is formed.

The need for football clubs to come together could not stay on the shelf any longer.

In view of the constant changes in regulations, the ongoing structures within the clubs and moreover the fact that nowadays the football industry is contributing a substantial financial turnover to the sports economy in general, the importance to unite as one strong identity had become almost inevitable.

Beyond the rivalry between the clubs during competitive games, there are many common objectives that need to be given a collective approach, mostly for the benefit of the clubs themselves but above all for the good of the local football game.

Somehow this is reflected in the mission statement of the association, ‘MPFCA believes that professional football clubs in Malta are the main stakeholders, therefore the function of the association is fundamental for the success of the local football game.’

Each club is different and works independently, but we recognise the tangible benefits that can be gained by clubs from sharing of knowledge and best practices across the football sector.

The structure of the association is a simple one, made up of a board of directors that include all the current 12 presidents of the Premier League clubs.

As the chairman unanimously appointed by these gentlemen, would like to emphasise that we are very lucky that the presidents are a group of capable, diverse, reliable people that all have the passion and energy to work for one mutual purpose.

I am confident that together we will be instrumental in sharing ideas and bring up positive change.

The scope of the association is vast and cannot be defined by a set of ideologies alone. The objectives that are considered to be the norm in similar associations will always be the fundamental basis that will be observed, but the viewpoints must be innovative and spontaneous for any eventuality that arises.

The MPFCA will be proactive in its ideas, ensure the unity of all the clubs and guarantee that will work hand in hand with policy and decision makers.

While developing an effective governance operating model that reflects the role of each member club, the association will also be acting as a mediator and offer assistance to clubs in case of any difficulties.

The association will be providing legal assistance to the clubs when required and, if applicable, legally represent the clubs collectively as a single body.

As well and in view of the new regulations, the association will be assisting member clubs to achieve professional football club status and support them with the right framework to become a private entity.

The notion of many is focused on the fact that this association was created exclusively to organise and run the football championship and other football competitions. Without ruling out that this is also on our minds, at the moment it is not at the forefront of the agenda.

The organisation of the football leagues requires a great deal of work. First and foremost, we must conduct a thorough study of every aspect.

Unfortunately, to date we are not aware of the detailed finances, the costs, the revenues, and moreover of any funds, if obtainable, from third parties that support the Malta Football Association in the organisation of the championships.

Logistics is another important factor that needs to be well-thought-out. To date, the clubs do not have the luxury of owning a number of stadiums of a certain standard that could be used for competitive matches.

In the past years, the investments have been mostly completed at stadiums considered for training purposes that regrettably many do not fit neither that purpose, let alone hosting a league encounter.

So, this is an aspect that needs to be seriously discussed with all concerned stakeholders.

We are confident that we will start a healthy discussion with MFA on this subject and after the required scrutiny has been completed and financial sustainability is guaranteed, we can then be in a position to move ahead.

What is surely very encouraging to this prospect is the fact that the club presidents who are the directors of the MPFCA happen to be all successful entrepreneurs and so their business acumen will offer a great advantage.

With a foundation based on four key values, professionalism, trust, collaboration and commitment, MPFCA is committed to evolve by challenging itself in accomplishing the determined goals trusting in the collective potential, and while collaborating with all stakeholders, will work for the interest of the football clubs and the local football in general.

The aim is that of becoming a professional entity in which local football clubs can have pride while the football fans enjoy the beautiful game.

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