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First win for Bolero Du Sablier in Premier class race

The ninth meeting of the season, which was held Sunday afternoon at the Marsa Racetrack, consisted of eight races all for trotters.

Two of these races were semi-finals from the Assikura Championship for class Gold trotters on a short distance of 2,140m.

Sunday’s card included also a class Premier race also on the same distance and which was won by French debutante Bolero Du Sablier driven by Clint Vassallo.

Fifteen trotters lined up for the class Premier race.

Swedish newcomer Dominator D.T. (Rodney Gatt) was the fastest horse at first, opening a small lead from Vakato (Chris Grech) and Amadeus Quick (Paul Galea).

With a lap to go, Clint Vassallo put Bolero Du Sablier in front and eventually this French trotter managed to pass the finishing post first easily by two lengths from Dunbar (Redent Magro) and Dominator D.T. Sandsjons Revenue (Charles Camilleri) ended in fourth place.

From the two class Gold semi-finals 12 horses made it to the final stage.

In the first semi-final, Charles Degiorgio put favourite Gigant Well on the outside with 700m to go.

Eventually this Dutch trotter went in front when the front horses turned for their final straight and sealed its third win in a row easily by two lengths from Cutty Sark (Eman Attard), Belmann (Redent Magro) and Bajazet (Marius Mizzi). Apache Reyor (Pierre Cuschieri) and Bicetre (Paul Galea) followed home in that order.

There was a keen tussle between five trotters in the final straight of the second class Gold semifinal.

It was Dynamit Life (Kerstin Galea) that registered its first win of the season from Charming Soldier (Paul Galea), Armani S. (Charles Camilleri) and Jefferson Dotcom (Rodney Gatt).

Atout De Montbrun (Jesmar Gafa’) and Doudou De Bouere (Jean Claude Pace) were the last trotters to make it to the final stage.

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Saturday. The first race should start at 1.30pm.

Sunday’s winners

Race 1. Class Copper. Dist – 2140m. 1. Firstly Light (Ryan Scicluna) – 1.18.9”

Race 2. Class Bronze. Dist – 2140m 1. Gabin De See (Paul Galea) – 1.18.6”

Race 3. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Cyrus d’Alci (Cliferty Calleja) – 1.16.3”

Race 4. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Baxter Du Klau (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.18.1”

Race 5. Assikura Championship Semifinal. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Gigant Well (Charles Degiorgio) – 1.16.2”

Race 6. Assikura Championship Semifinal. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Dynamit Life (Kerstin Galea) – 1.15.1”

Race 7. Class Premier Dist – 2140m. 1. Bolero Du Sablier (Clint Vassallo) – 1.16.6”

Race 8. Class Gold. Dist – 2140m. 1. Janske (Charles Camilleri) – 1.18”

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