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VITAE to lead the Falken Tyres “Sette Giugno” Cruise

VITAE has been the yacht’s new name for only the past four years and since its reborn, with this identification, it has been familiar to members of the Malta Cruising Club, particularly with those who participate in the Falken Tyres “Sette Giugno” Pozzallo Cruise.

Prior to early 2019 this sailboat’s name was Ceyar, disgracefully being one of the boats used for the trafficking of human lives in the Mediterranean before it was eventually seized in the territorial waters of Syracusa.

Following a request by the Pozzallo section of the Lega Navale Italiana, the Procura della Repubblica di Siracusa entrusted the section with the custody of the boat to be used for the official activities of the association, committed to defending the culture of the sea and respect for the environment through conferences in schools, presentations and social initiatives with students as the protagonists.

And indeed it was during the 2019 Falken Tyres “Sette Giugno” Pozzallo Cruise, in the presence of MCC members, that VITAE, a Bavaria 42, was re-launched after extensive repair and tune up work done at the shipyard Ocean Plastic of Pozzallo.

Infact the project entitled “A sail for Life” was supported with donations by Caffè Moak.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 and 2021 editions of the Falken Tyres “Sette Giugno” Pozzallo Cruise, like most other activities and events, had to be cancelled.

But this year the club’s most popular cruise, indeed a relaxing on-shore three days enjoyable programme for all skippers, crew and their families in the Ragusa region is again on.

This revival brought back the enthusiastic collaboration of the Lega Navale Italiana (Sezione di Pozzallo) and the esteemed patronage of the Comune di Pozzallo.

For this eighth edition, scheduled to be held between June 4 and 7, VITAE will sail to Malta two days prior to the departure date and set sail back to Pozzallo at the lead of the Malta Cruising Club yachts taking part in the 2022 Falken Tyres “Sette Giugno” Pozzallo Cruise.

While in Malta, VITAE will be extended free berthing by Creek Developments Plc.

The 93Km “Sette Giugno” Pozzallo Cruise is sponsored for the second year by Falken Tyre Europe, represented in Malta by Standard Limited of Santa Venera.


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