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Joseph Muscat the only candidate for MPFCA chairman role

Association not looking to install chief executive officer as proposed by Jean Claude Micallef

Joseph Muscat is the only candidate for the position of chairman of the Malta Professional Football Clubs Association.

The clubs’ body revealed the news in a statement where it also made it clear that it has no intention of appointing a full time chief executive officer but is planning to install a chairman from outside the Premier League clubs to help out in the transition phase that is stipulated by the Malta FA strategy.

The MPFCA, the governing body that represents the Premier League clubs, caught the headlines this week after they decided to approach former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to take over the post of chairman, even though two clubs had reserved the right to approach other persons for the position.

Clubs had until Friday, to submit their nominations and the MPFCA said that Muscat was the only candidate put forward for the post of chairman.

On Friday night, former Labour MP Jean Claude Micallef issued a statement where he announced that he had submitted his nomination for the post of chief executive officer of the MPFCA.

“I am convinced that the Premier League should move away from the Malta FA and imminently appoint a Chief Executive so that he can implement the direction set up by the respective club,” Micallef said.

“Thus, together we move away from partisanism and tribalism and move towards a professional system.”

However, the MPFCA said that at the moment they have no plans to install full time chief executive officer.

“The MPFCA would like to clarify a number of points after several reports in recent days,” the body said in a statement.

“The Association is at present looking for a chairman from outside the clubs so that he can lead the transition that the Malta FA strategy is currently in. This is not an election, but an appointment following a decision.

“A number of clubs have approached Dr Joseph Muscat for this position. The name of Dr Muscat has been put forward for discussion last week where it was agreed that discussions will continue with him.

“At the same time, it was also agreed that clubs would be given the liberty to speak to other persons and submit other names for consideration. Clubs had until yesterday, to submit other names but no club submitted any other name.”

The MPFCA confirmed that Micallef had sent an email to be considered for the post of chief executive but the body said that at the moment they are not looking to hire one.

“Jean Claude Micallef sent an email so that he is considered for the role of Chief Executive,” the MPFCA said.

“The association, for the time being, is not looking to appoint a chief executive or to hire any persons. When the time arrives for that, all necessary processes will be used so that the right persons are chosen.

“The association will be meeting in the coming days to take a final decision on the chairman appointment.”

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