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Akela Play wins Sette Giugno Cup final

Driven by Charles Degiorgio, Italian Akela Play won Friday night’s major event at the Marsa Racetrack. This was the ALDB Sette Giugno Cup final for class Premier trotters on a short distance of 2140m. This final formed part of the 30th meeting of the season consisting of ten races all for trotters.

Eleven trotters lined up for the class Premier final. Velvet Gio (Rodney Gatt) was the fastest horse at first, opening a small lead from Global Undecided (Noel Baldacchino) and Condior (Julian Farrugia).

However, with 200 metres to go Gatt’s trotter started to slow down and eventually was overtaken by Akela Play (Charles Degiorgio) which gained its second win in a row and its fourth of the year. Alcoy (Charles Camilleri), Condior and Al Capone Stecca (Cherise Farrugia) followed home in that order. Akela Play clocked an average time of 1.13.8” per kilometer.

Earlier this season, Akela Play had also won another final for class Premier trotters. This was the Southern Region Race Final. 

Friday’s card included also a normal class Premier race on a mile distance.

Here Belgian Laradja Vrijthout (Marco Refalo) was unchallenged during all the distance and managed to seal its second win of the season and in Malta easily by a length from Rally Inge (Jonathan Farrugia) and Express De L’Iton (Cherise Farrugia).

Cherise’s grandfather, Andrew, finished in fourth place with Bellmondo. It should be noted the winner managed to equalize the national record on the mile distance when he clocked an average time of 1.11.8” per kilometer.

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Sunday. The first race should start at 6pm.

Friday’s results

Race 1. Class Copper. Dist – 1640m. 1. Rose Lloyd (Dwayne Farrugia) – 1.15.7”

Race 2. Class Copper. Dist – 1640m. 1. Ficelujando (Carl Magro) – 1.15.8”

Race 3. Class Bronze. Dist – 1640m. 1. Galeo Du Portugal (Kirsten Axisa) – 1.15”

Race 4. Class Gold. Dist – 1640m. 1. Defi Orageux (Rodney Gatt) – 1.13.3”

Race 5. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Summerrazz (Paul Galea) – 1.13.4”

Race 6. Class Gold. Dist – 1640m. 1. Dear Matrix (Paul Galea) – 1.12.3”

Race 7. Class Premier. Dist – 1640m. 1. Laradja Vritjthout (Marco Refalo) – 1.11.8”

Race 8. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Emeraude Jiji (Nathaniel Barbara) – 1.14.4”

Race 9. ALDB Sette Giugno Cup final. Class Premier. Dist – 2140m. 1. Akela Play (Charles Degiorgio) – 1.13.8”

Race 10. Class Silver. Dist – 1640m. 1. Gordon Quick (Mark Desira) – 1.14.9”

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