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Watch: Vanderlov and Corky Ramirez top Premier class races

The 19th meeting of the year, made up of ten races all for trotters was held on Sunday evening at the Marsa Racetrack.

The two major events, open for class Premier trotters, were won by French newcomer Vanderlov and Corky Ramirez. Noel Baldacchino ended as the best driver with three wins.

Thirteen trotters lined up for the first class Premier race.

French mare Bocsa De Lespi (Jesmar Gafa’) which was the fastest trotter at first, ran out of steam when eventually the first trotters turned for their final straight.

This mare was outsmarted by Vanderlov, driven by one of its owners Melvin Farrugia, which secured its first win in Malta after sustaining the challenge of Output Pressure (Clint Vassallo).

Annie’s Boy (Rodney Gatt) and Vakato (Chris Grech) ended respectively in third and fourth place.

In the second class Premier event, favourite Corky Ramirez dashed strongly from the outside during the last 700m and went to register its fifth win in a row and in Malta.

Vivoli (Marvin Cauchi) and Vent Du Der (Charles Degiorgio) finished behind with Vitinou (David Attard) placing in fourth place.

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held on Friday. The first race should start at 6.30pm.


Race 1. Class Copper. Dist – 2640m. 1. Drakkar Cleville (Kurt Saliba) – 1.17.4”

Race 2. Class Copper. Dist – 2640m. 1. O.C. Marafto (Marco Debono) – 1.18.5”

Race 3. Class Bronze A. Dist – 2640m. 1. Cadumroc (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.17.2”

Race 4. Class Silver B. Dist – 2640m. 1. Razor Shadow (Nathaniel Barbara) – 1.18.1”

Race 5. Class Bronze A. Dist – 2640m. 1. Eros Dairpet (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.17.1”

Race 6. Class Bronze B. Dist – 2640m. 1. Dio Doti (Charles Camilleri) – 1.18.4”

Race 7. Class Premier. Dist – 2640m. 1. Vanderlov (Melvin Farrugia) – 1.14.9”

Race 8. Class Silver A. Dist – 2640m. 1. Ami Toon’s (Dylan Gatt) – 1.16.8”

Race 9. Class Premier. Dist – 2640m. 1. Corky Ramirez (Paul Galea) – 1.15.3”

Race 10. Class Gold. Dist – 2640m. 1. Frankie Brodde (Noel Baldacchino) – 1.16.3”

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